Organization Change and Development (for) Organization Growth and Sustainability

First, before taking  the Master Study in Organization Change & Development, Psychology Faculty Airlangga University Surabaya, I was trying to find the meaning of Organization Development. Here I will share the journey of my understanding about Organization Development.

2008, before ‘Organization Development is so well known...
Earlier that year I was worked as Assistant Manager Human Capital in one of famous Local Company. It was blind about the meaning of Organization Development. From my boss knew that an HR with OD skills, will be very high value in the market. Well,  I start to curious more about....
That time, my understanding about OD was so simple, by developing your peoples, the organization will automatically develop. Is that simple, yes ....
One way to develop the organization is build the culture. Hmm ... then what is the correlation? What is Organizational Culture in conjunction in Organization Development? I did not know ... I learned from one article to another article, from book to book ... without direction and everything like bits and pieces ...

2010, before studying in Organization Change and Development
At that time I have moved in a Multinational Company. Begin to recognize the Organizational Survey made ​​by a international organization consultant. I tried hard to understand the survey. Still trying to figure out, where it came from the questions were made. What are the basic questions raised. What would it be raised? Why did create those questions, why not other questions ...

Those questions popped into my head ... start learning more fully and systematically.

2010, matriculation MPPO
One afternoon on the terrace of the campus, I was talking with my colleague, here the conversation was look like:

(I)           So what do you think about Organization Change and Development?
(Him)     Change and Organizational Development ..
(I)           Yes...(waiting for his response)
(Him)     Yeah, maybe...after changed, then continue to development
(I)           :I  (straight face)

More or less so our conversation, as the two prospective students

My first year learn Organization Development
The basic of our learning in MPPO was Personal Development. The reason is, how we could be agent of change if we do not 'deal' with ourselves. Okay, we agreed!
I learned very well the sciences in Organization Change and Development study.
Organization  change and development are to ensure the sustainability of its Organization.
I mapping very simple Organization Development concept:

First Step       Organization Behavior
Second Step   Organization Design
Third Step      Organizational Development
Fourth Step    Leadership
Fifth Step       Change Management

The entire process is called: Organization Development, whereas, the horizon  plan is referred as Organization Change.
I am trying to comparing in the real practitioners of Organization Development, specifically in Indonesia. I am starting by browsing in advertisement of Organization Development Manager. The fact of OD Manager responsibility is about the organizational chart, job analysis and job evaluation. Only that? I could say, mostly!

So, what is actually Organization Development? What are examples of its application?
I will share the study of Organization Development in separate articles.
Continuously, I will share my research of Increasing Employee Engagement as part of Organization Development project.

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