It was about 4 months I did not write. 4 last months, I was trying to discipline my self to focus on research and completed Thesis as a final project in Master Program of Organizational Change and Development.
I was already determined to complete the study on time, before set the next dreams.

Well now is the time I returned to my blog as a Free Writer.
My articles are still about change and development, and how to facilitate a process of change which seem irritating and full of rejection.

Idealist? That's me!

Because I have faith, that change can be fun, simple, systematic, and touched the side of humanity.
Other articles are about my passion, traveling, my view of a common social conditions, and about the Human Resources Management.

Keep read next articles, and let's start make changing from something as simple and enjoyable.

ps. Picture sourcing from Flickr


  1. Appreciate for your kind feedback. I am still on my way to learn english and how struggle having similar competency as Native speaker...:D


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